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ISAF World Match Race Rankings
ISAF, 14 January 2005

The first ISAF World Match Race Ranking for 2005 was released today, 14 January and includes the results from 16 open events which have taken place since the last ranking of 26 November 2004. Ed BAIRD and Marie BJÖRLING have both retained their positions at the top and for the women, it is this ranking release that will decide which skippers are invited to compete at the 2005 ISAF Women's Match Racing World Championship.

The 16 events added to this ranking include five ISAF Grade 3 events, eight Grade 4 and three Grade 5 and there is therefore little surprise that there is no change at the top of the ranking list. Two time World Champion and
2004 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award nominee Ed BAIRD (USA) keeps hold of the top spot with Peter GILMOUR (AUS) remaining in the number two position ahead of his countryman James SPITHILL in third. The top five is completed by Mathieu RICHARD (FRA) and Karol JABLONSKI (POL).

There have been a number of well known names making their debut to the rankings today, notably Great Britains Olympic gold medallist Iain PERCY and Frances' representative in the 470 at the Olympic Games in Athens, Gildas PHILIPPE. Percy competed in the Grade 3 JP Morgan Fleming Winter Challenge in December 2004 where he finished fifth and subsequently enters the rankings at 486. Gildas PHILIPPE took to the water in Brest for the Grade 4 Selective de Ligue and also finished fifth to enter the rankings at 629.
Another British Olympic gold medallist is also making his way over to the match racing scene and having joined Team New Zealand for the 2007 America's Cup, Ben AINSLIE has begun to make his way up the rankings.

The ISAF Grade 3, New Zealand Match Racing Championship is the only event of this ranking release to feature some of the big names of match racing. The event was won by Dean BARKER (NZL) with his new Team New Zealand team mate Ben AINSLIE taking second place. This result has propelled Barker into the top 100 at 97 and Ainslie into the top 200 at 199, a 176 place leap from where he entered the rankings in November 2004. Other big names at this event include Bertrnad PACE (FRA) and Chris DICKSON (NZL).

There has been no change to those skippers in the top twenty of the open rankings but there are some who have joined the top fifty. Dimitri DERUELLE
(FRA) has moved up to number 40 from 61 following his first place at the Grade 4 Championnat de Ligue Mediterranee in Marseille in December.
Similarly, Tino ELLEGAST's (GER) first place finish at the Grade 3 Soling South American Match Racing Championship was enough to push him ten places up the rankings to number 46.

The first ISAF Grade 1 event for 2005 is the Marseille International Match Race from 16-21 April.

Soling News

Germany takes the South American Match Race Cup to Europe.

12/12/2004 12:21:40 AM

Tino Ellegast, Richard Volz, Zeno Danner from Germany won the South American Soling Match Race, championship used also as practice for the ISAF umpire seminar, held at the Yacht Club Veleiros do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil during the last four days. 
The title defined after winning two matches against Paulo Ribeiro, Alexandre Rosa, Fabrício Streppel from Brazil in the semi finals and the a 3 x 1 over Daniel Glom, Rene Garrafielo, André Gick also from Brazil who got there after a 2 x 1 victory against Team Southern Winds from Argentina with Martin Busch, Pablo Noceti, Flavio Naviera who finished at the third place after beating in a 2 x 0 against Ribeiro and his crew.  
Germany takes the title to Europe for the first time after the first not succesfull attempt by Hendrik Witzmann, Peter Wieland and Ale Chematowski in 1999.  
The Yacht Club Veleiros do Sul proud for their full year of competition who included the Soling World Championship in January(fleet), the Soling South American Championship in October(fleet), The Brazilian Optimist Championship also in January, the Snipe Southern Hemisphere Championship in April and almost to end the year this South American Match Race Championship. The VDS look forward to host more significant events in the further coming years, and hope their sailors enjoy the biggest Soling Fleet in South American.  

Final Standings:

1st Place - Tino Ellegast, Richard Volz , Zeno Danner
2nd Place - Daniel Glomb, André Gick, Renê Garrafielo
3rd Place - Martin Busch, Pablo Noceti, Flávio Naveira
4th Place - Paulo Roberto Ribeiro, Alexandre Rosa, Fabrício Streppel
5th Place - Nelson Horn Ilha, Gustavo Ilha e Felipe Ilha
6th Place - Cicero hartmann, Alexandre Mueller, Samuel Albrecht
7th Place - Henry Boening, Carlos Alberto Trein, Roger Lamb
8th Place - Lucas Ostergren, Ader, Mathias Melecchi,
9th Place - Francisco Freitas, Damién Bercht, Pedro Mota

South American Soling Match Race Roud Robin two ended and three countries fight for the trophy. - 12/11/2004 2:42:03 AM

Tino Ellgast, Volz, Danner from Germany who were fourth at the round robin one, won four flights over five and finished this round robin first qualifying into the semi finals.  
Martin Busch, Manolo Naveira, Pablo Noceti from Argentina finishing fifth at the first round robin had also a great second round robin winning three of his five flights qualifying in second to the Semi finals.  
The first round robin were finished and the six first crew ranked step into the second round robin:  
Glomb, Garrafielo, Gick from Brazil finished first at the first round robin but after the second round robin they fell into the third place qualifying to the semi finals winning a tie between four teams. 
Nolson Ilha, Gustavo Ilha, Felipe Ilha after a great first round robin finishing second could not keep the great job at the second round robin and lost the tie against Paulo Ribeiro, Rosa, Streppel winning only two flights each but The Ilha family lost the flight between them.  
Cicero Hartmann, Mueller, Albrecht also tied with two victories but the breaking the tie they were ranked sixth.  
Tomorrow the South American Match Race Champipnship will end with three coutries claiming the throphy who first won Warburg, Collins and Smith for two consecutive years the first over another German team from Berlin Hendrik Witzmann, Peter Wieland, Ale Chematowski.  
The Family Ilha with Nelson, Felipe, Gustavo were the winners of the last edition sailed in Argentina taking the trophy to Brazil, now Glomb, Garrafielo, Gick and Ribeiro, Rosa, Streppel are the Brazilians who will fight to keep the one at the VDS yacht club on his 70 birthday. 

South American Soling Match Race Provisional Results Round Robin one - 12/10/2004 6:17:33 PM

Round Robin one is underway, Daniel Glomb and his crew have the lead after winning 6 flights with two more to sail today.  
Followed close by Neslon Ilha and the German Tino Ellegast with 4 victories and and two losses. 
With three victories but three more flights to sail Martin Bush from Argentina and Three victories also to Cicero Hartman but who only has two more flights to sail. 
Ostergreen and Ribeiro with two victories and two more flights to sail. 
One point for Freitas and Boening who will sail two mor flights today.

Crew Names
1. Paulo Ribeiro, Alexandre Rosa, Fabrício Streppel
2. Cícero Hartmann, Alexandre Mueller, Samuel Albrecht
3. Tino Ellegast, Richard Volz, Zeno Danner (GER)
4. Daniel Glom, Rene Garrafielo, André Gick
5. Francisco Freitas, Damien Bercht, Pedro Mota
6. Nelson Ilha, Gustavo Ilha, Felipe Ilha (Pedro Ilha)
7. Martin Busch, Pablo Noceti, Flavio Naviera (ARG)
8. Henry Boening, Carlos Alberto Trein, Roger Lamb
9. Lucas Ostergren, Mathias Melecchi,

First day report
South American Match Race – Soling class has started on a raining Thursday in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Race area in front of Veleiros do Sul has received nine crews sailing a Round Robin – each crew sailed each other crew once, in this first stage.
Some crews have shown that they are well prepared. One example is Daniel Glomb’s crew from Veleiros do Sul, which have broken Tino Ellegast (Germany) invincibility on the 5th flight.
Glomb won all his five flights on this first day. Until now there were eight flights. Still missing four flights next stage.
The first flight started at 11 o’clock and soon after Nelson Ilha (Brazil) had an accident. He’s well now and there’s a good chance he will qualify for next stage.
The Wind has changed east/south-west average 21km/h.
After 12 flights in this first stage, the first 6 will go to the 2nd stage where only 4 will be classified.
The South American Mach Race, which commemorate Veleiros do Sul 70th birthday, will continue on Friday at 10 o’clock. The final stage will be raced on Saturday.

South American Soling Match Race & ISAF Umpire Seminar
- 12/6/2004 5:45:50 PM

Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Spain will be taking part in this big week for the Yacht Club Veleiros do Sul located at Porto Alegre, Brazil. 
Some big names at the sailors’ list like from Brazil - Marcelo Ferreira Star Class gold medalist in Athens 2004, Alan Adler Star World champion in 1988, Marcos Penido 470 Gold medal at Moscow games, from Argentina - Martin Busch twice Paul Elvstrom Trophy winner in the Soling Class, Falvio Naveira Cade